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Objective :
Introducing a new product from Antangin, which helps improve sleep quality and prevents colds with natural ingredients. So it is safe for consumption. Improve the brand image of Antangin.

How :
Awakening consumer awareness of how important it is to have good quality sleep through Antangin Good night, so that you wake up in the morning refreshed.

Insight :
Pandemic conditions do not make us stand still, keep on doing activities to survive, while maintaining our health. Here you can feel the importance of getting quality sleep to restore your body to its prime the next day.

Delivery of messages through one of the Talents with background as a doctor so that it can make consumers more confident about Antangin Good Night products.

Client : Deltomed

Agency : Dentsu/DSP

Creative Director : Edwin Sandjaja

Art Director : Novian Arif

Sr. Copywriter : Dennis Satriatama

Associate Account Director : Herta Sirait

Associate Account Manager : Diana Bidara

Producer Head : Lorensius Purwanto

Production House : Netracom

Producer : Lucy

Film Director : Franklin

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