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When they are confident, they can do what they know they are capable of, act the way they want to act, and say what they want to say…not what other people expect them to say Confidence is in everyone. It is about bringing it out.


That is exactly what the new Honda MSUV does!


Like the watch we have on, the smartphone we put on the table, the latest sneakers we have on, the clothes we have on

It’s not about what other people think, it’s about how it makes us feel when we wear them. For our target, it all builds up to one thing CONFIDENCE.


With the all new Honda MSUV, your confidence will bring out the x-factor in you.


The all new Honda MSUV….UNLEASHES YOU

Executive Creative Director : Bailey | Capel

Creative Director : Stevie Sulaiman

Art Director : Novian Arif

Novian's Key Visual Honda

Art Director Portfolio

Jakarta, Indonesia 

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