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Filling in the time off and days, I’m visiting you.

It was accidental swing, because I’m trying to leave you behind, but …. something stunning, wonderful happened.

In fact, you are my mother of city, in fact, you are the ‘home’ where I was born, I get along and wrote about it. My mom define you as a land surrounded by hills, like a cauldron and you are in the middle of it. You are not too hot, not cold, with the wind you are playing with. You as my practice place learn about life and stand by it. Yet I try to leave you behind and constantly the end of it, it’s impractical for me.

If I could quote WS.Rendra’s poem, as if you responded “Yes, this is me! Do not doubt anymore! This is the scent of my armpits, this is the sound of my cough. You have touched me. Do not stumble anymore.”

Novian's Illustration Digital
Art Director Portfolio

Jakarta, Indonesia 

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