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Di umur beliau yang sudah tua (Tahun 2015 berumur 67 tahun) si legenda hidup Iggy Pop masih liar, bugar dan rock and roll. di tahun 2013 Iggy menempati urutan ke 5 untuk “The 10 Greatest Rock & Roll Rebels” versi Rolling Stone magazine.

Iggy Pop said :
“I attended two concerts by the Doors. The first one I attended was early on and they had not gotten their shit together yet. That show was a big, big, big influence on me. They had just had their big hit, “Light My Fire” and the album had taken off. So, here’s this guy, out of his head on acid, dressed in leather with his hair all oiled and curled. The stage was tiny and it was really low. It got confrontational. I found it really interesting. I loved the performance. Part of me was like, ‘Wow, this is great. He’s really pissing people off and he’s lurching around making these guys angry.’ People were rushing the stage and Morrison’s going ‘Fuck you. You blank, blank, blank.”’ You can fill in your sexual comments yourself. The other half of it was that I thought, ‘If they’ve got a hit record out and they can get away with this, then I have no fucking excuse not to get out on stage with my band.’ It was sort of the case of, ‘Hey, I can do that.’ There really was some of that in there.” (Source : Wright, Jeb. Irritatingly Interesting: An Interview with Iggy Pop”www.classicrockrevisited.

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