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Hewan Endemik

Indonesia's map is a fascinating canvas where the islands themselves take on the captivating forms of animal silhouettes.


Sumatra Island mirrors the graceful contours of a fish, while Kalimantan Island showcases a shape reminiscent of a majestic rooster. Moving eastward, Sulawesi Island appears like the letter "K," adding a touch of mystery, while Maluku forms a smaller letter "K," akin to a secret code waiting to be deciphered. The remarkable Irian Jaya province resembles a majestic bird, . Lastly, Java Island stretches out like a sinuous serpent, its body extending towards the idyllic shores of Bali.


Drawing inspiration from this natural splendor, I set out to blend the distinctive shapes of each island on the Indonesian map with the magnificent endemic animals that call these islands their home.

Artwork by Novian Arif. 023

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