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The objective is to enter the mainstream milk market but at a premium price, with the aim of getting current users of ULTRA and GREENFIELDS and also BEAR BRAND to switch to KIN A2 Milk. 
It is aimed at Men/Women from SEC A, aged 25-45.


Our intention is to enter the mainstream market for everyday consumption, albeit with a higher price point.

For decades, the Indonesian consumer has seen milk advertising on TV, some have even become iconic through the use of memorable jingles, taglines, and scenes.


Of course, all these commercials are basically telling us that their milk is good, it is delicious and healthy, and the children drinking the milk will grow up smart and strong.


How can we, as a new player, convince people that our milk is better when they’ve been hearing the same message over and over from our older competitors? Well, what if the people in those ads have grown up and decide they don’t want that milk anymore, what they want is A2! 

We are going to revisit some of the iconic milk advertising from the past, homing in the most memorable moments of milk drinking.


The characters in those ads, now grown up, reminisce about how they used to drink that milk, but not anymore -- they’ve wised up and now they only want A2 milk, because they know it’s better than the milk they drank in those old ads.

For the shorter educational videos, we let the people in the ad themselves to tell the story of why they switch to A2 milk. While telling their stories, they will be sitting in a reconstruction of the sets from the older ads, giving a sense that they’ve grown up drinking the competitors’ milk and now decide to switch.

Novian's Illustration Digital

Art Director Portfolio

Jakarta, Indonesia 

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