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Mandiri Wealth Management publishes a magazine for the Wealth segment called Mandiri Prioritas magazine. Due to the appearance of the cover and the name of the magazine has not changed for quite a while, Mandiri wants to do a revamping of the cover appearance and changes in the name of the magazine.

After that, we came up with a bunch of alt names from local, English, and sansekerta. The name ACHEVEE is taken from French, which means complete. With their financial assets, Mandiri Private and Prioritas customers are said to be complete individuals because they have been able to meet all their needs

Mandiri Prioritas E-Magazines Link :

Agency : Dentsu/DSP

Client : Mandiri

Creative Director : Edwin Sandjaja

Art Director : Novian Arif

Copywriter : Denis


Novian's Illustration Digital

Art Director Portfolio

Jakarta, Indonesia 

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