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Meikarta is Lippo Group’s largest project in its 67-year history, a self-contained city rising to the East of Jakarta.

The challenge was to break out of the property category’s conventions by not selling a block of apartments, but the vision for a new life in a brand new city. The iconic tagline, “Aku Ingin Pindah ke Meikarta” became viral and the high awareness created by the campaign helped Meikarta sell over 100,000 units at its launch.


Creating an exciting, engaging campaign that will promote this new city, this new way of life. Introduce the idea of Meikarta to the public


Agency : Handoko

Client : Mandiri

Creative Lead : Diona

Art Director : Novian Arif

Copywriter : Wulan


Novian's Illustration Digital

Art Director Portfolio

Jakarta, Indonesia 

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