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Me : Hey buddy, I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years, all right?

Teman : Hey hungky-dory mate! Lagi gambar apa?

Me: … My Birds I guess?

Teman : lol,… lihat gambarnya gue ada cerita yang kira – kira ada hubungannya. 


Me : Gimana ceritanya?

Teman : I’ve got an email dari cerita memori 4 tahun lalu, jadi gobsmacked gitu dan lil bit flat. Cerita yang udah dull dan its still floating in my head ga pernah habis. Sedu sedan, berharap tinggi, obsessed by biologists and romantic and something, failure collection and life. Bollocking ish. 

Me : It’s reminds me of a woman from idiot box. Or story from penny-dreadful ish. Lol

Teman : Belt up, arseholed!

Me : Easy peasy buddy, ain’t take the mickey. Go on.

Teman : Padahal baru aja fresh blood on my knee for trying to build “IT”. Eh muncul lagi nih the birds. It was like, I have the second chance, the knee’s bees opportunity! I am so excited for this. This is it mate!

Me : Wow, first tell me how did you get an “IT”?

Teman : Wow it was hella fun, jolly good time. For all the journey. The time, people, the view, the vipe, the contents and all of them. 

Me : Was it dog’s bollocks wasn’t?

Teman : It was mate.

Me : Bees knees!

Teman : But… ga gue pungkiri at the end, it was almost close. Coz I’ve got the drift, it wasn’t happened. 

Me : No more cock up buddy!

Teman : Recently the dream has becomes enemy, for some reason. The scenario about my birds and “IT” act as ones. As always ada impact on the story and the subjects. Any road isn’t just piece of cake of dream tho, It was legit and lil blow me tho. 

Me : You might go to spare buddy. 

Teman : Ga semudah bilang get off my case juga.

For real, itu berpengaruh sekali ke diri gue, akal and the way I spend my time. The outside of jeez trying hard to focus on gold but in the insides it just tosh. I means balls-up ish. 

Me : Meh,…I know its old sod, Good spawny on that gold buddy, the birds and be brill. 

Teman : Meh,…yup, fight with and for it. Hungky-dory mate. 

Me : Kudos!

Teman : Cheers!

Me : Cheers!

Novian's Illustration Digital
Art Director Portfolio

Jakarta, Indonesia 

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