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10 minute more.

On October 06 2015 in librabry room. Bornet & Cersei sitting closely and gently while their were in conversation. Their both discuss about a little project from Cersei, all things about environment, urban, life style & young behavior. Cersei get interested ideas in bicycle, to bring people get back to it, to make people excited, especialy for youngest. And for the location, Cersei choose the local tourism at her country. They both were get excited to do the project. Before that? They weren’t get much energy.

Cersei got suprise when Bornet suddenly asking a qustion “Do you ever thought about me?” Bornet asked. “Bornet, please dont ask that question, you know already the answer, don’t you?”, Cersei replied. Than Cersei got something to do, she need to talk with her friend via skipe.

Bornet decide to keep stay when Cersei tell him that he can go, and shouldn’t wait for her. “You can leave me here alone, I just got to finish my video call, then I’ll go home by myself”. But then Cersei changed her mind to late him stay for 10 minute. Suddenly, librarian guy comes in for closed the room. Bornet ask the security to let them stay for a minute more, and they would closed the door by them self along. The security guy agree with it and gave them permission and go.

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