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Updated: Jun 22

On October 6, 2015, in the library room, Bornet and Cersei sat closely, engaged in a gentle conversation. They were discussing Cersei’s project, which focused on the environment, urban living, lifestyle, and youth behavior. Cersei had an intriguing idea to promote bicycles and encourage people, especially the younger generation, to embrace cycling. She envisioned implementing the project in a local tourism spot in her country. Both Bornet and Cersei became increasingly excited about bringing this project to life, realizing the potential it held.

In the midst of their conversation, Bornet surprised Cersei with a question, “Have you ever thought about us?” Cersei hesitated before replying, “Bornet, please don’t ask me that question. You already know the answer, don’t you?” Sensing the need to address something important, Cersei excused herself momentarily to have a Skype call with her friend.

Initially, Cersei suggested that Bornet could leave and not wait for her, as she needed to finish her video call and would find her own way home afterwards. However, Cersei had a change of heart and invited Bornet to stay for an additional 10 minutes. Just as they settled into their conversation, a librarian entered the room to close it for the day. Bornet, quick on his feet, requested permission from the librarian to stay a bit longer and offered to close the door themselves. The accommodating librarian agreed, granting them a few extra minutes.

With this extension of time, Bornet and Cersei continued their discussion, immersed in the excitement of their project and the connection they shared. As the minutes ticked by, they cherished this fleeting moment, aware that the world outside the library would soon call them back to their individual lives.

In conclusion, this encounter between Bornet and Cersei in the library room exemplified the beauty of collaboration and shared enthusiasm. The discussion of their project, their personal connection, and the fleeting moments they were granted created a sense of anticipation and possibility. As they prepared to part ways, they carried with them the sparks of inspiration and the hope of what their joint efforts could achieve.


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