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2009 till 2010 Novian’s artwork represent Nowaday.

Starting from profile facebook recheck, and reviewing the timeline on my facebook 2009-2010. I was found a fossil of Flikr, the old posting and still with the old account name ‘Novian Ripkurt’, the link in check and it works illustrations still be saved even if the master freehand of my work is long gone. There appear initial process works of mine, and very much different from the current one. Aware of this process is a work (color, line, freehand, etc) and an idea, I directly intends to review some of the work of this initial process.

Some of my illustrations are initial period of trial and error exploration. I did it by graphic software wich is CorelDraw and mixed it with general photo editing software at the time. All of work is all done by freehand drawing, scanned than final edited on computer.

Last night i was thinking all those things, how to represent these illustration to look like and still get relation for nowaday? Then i decide to tried to made it template for skateboard desk, and not bad, the result is the visual presented nice. Here my tried to illustrate ‘events’ through visual images and, of telling personal experience (at that time also mention the process of maturation of ideas), to social issues at that time. There are a few illustrations be design for t-shirts as well. Enjoy it.

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