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At the afternoon, Kobe was jogging for a little exercises. he found a little boy who is learning to walk. The woman in front a little boy was about 30 years old, who grinning waiting for him. Kobe recognized that woman, the women who used to be a former girlfriend who ended because another man, a woman’s dream man. Kobe trying to embrace the little boy, leading him up to walk. but the little boy was crying because Kobe is a person who hasn’t he know. Kobe resume jogging and found his friend playing kite. Kobe got offer to join. He pulled the kite string and join the fun together. Is cool to set the pace fly kites,,,but something bad happens. Kite ended with a shape landing into tall trees. The friend are from Brazil was disappointed and get mad by Kobe carelessness. Kobe finally arrived at home the boarding house and intends to cleanse his self. Kobe suddenly heard the voices between boarding madams and her sister. They were arguing about him. the sister didn’t like Kobe so much, while the big sister provides a defense against Kobe. The boarding madams go out of the room and she’s find Kobe topples with a towel. Kobe stared at her deeply while his hands grabbed gently her face. Then they were both swept away in biological romance. And Kobe is only someone who tries to live his life, jogging his life.

Illustrated by Novian Arif 13 March 017.

#illustration #novianarif #milf #jogging #drawing #story #meditation #livinglife

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