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Beyond Borders

Updated: Jun 22

Exploring Cultural Diversity and Global Understanding

In the afternoon, Kobe decided to go for a jog to get some exercise. During his run, he noticed a little boy who was learning to walk. Standing in front of the boy was a woman, approximately 30 years old, with a smile on her face, patiently waiting for him.

Kobe recognized the woman as his former girlfriend, whom he had broken up with when she met someone else, her dream man. Wanting to be friendly, Kobe attempted to approach the little boy and help him take his first steps. However, the boy started crying because he didn’t know Kobe.

Resuming his jog, Kobe came across his friend who was flying a kite. Kobe received an invitation to join in the fun, so he grabbed the kite string and joined the excitement. They had a great time flying the kite together, enjoying the exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, the kite got tangled in tall trees and was lost. Kobe’s Brazilian friend was disappointed and became upset with Kobe’s carelessness.

Upon reaching his boarding house, Kobe intended to freshen up. Suddenly, he overheard an argument between the landlady and her sister. They were discussing Kobe, with the sister expressing her dislike for him while the landlady defended him.

As the landlady left the room, she discovered Kobe standing there, towel in hand. There was a deep gaze between them as Kobe gently touched her face. In that moment, they both surrendered to a passionate embrace, consumed by an undeniable attraction. Kobe was just an individual trying to navigate his life, with jogging as a metaphorical journey.

Illustrated by Novian Arif 13 March 017.

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#Exercise #Joggers #Workout #novianarif #run #illustration #Jogging #Landlady #exgirlfriend

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