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Chopstick Cadence.

Updated: Jun 22


Street-side Drumming

That evening, on the roadside, the familiar dumpling cart was parked in its usual spot, unfortunately obstructing the pedestrian walkway. Eagerly, I made my way there and placed an order for a steaming bowl of chicken noodles. Nearby, the teenager anxiously waited for the bowl he had previously requested. As we waited, a sudden ring of his phone notified him that his friend had already arrived at his house.

Seizing the moment, the teenager impulsively grabbed a pair of chopsticks within his reach, prompting the question of why he would do so when his chicken noodle dish was only halfway consumed.Curiosity gripped me, and I silently observed the scene.

Tap, tap, tap—the resonating sound of the chopsticks danced upon the plastic stool belonging to the vendor of the delectable chicken noodles. To my surprise, the chopsticks had undergone a transformation in the hands of the teenager, assuming the role of drumsticks. With the finesse and passion of a seasoned drummer, the teenager unleashed a lively and spontaneous drumming performance.

The crescendo of beats filled the air, captivating the surrounding audience. Eventually, the performance came to an end, and the chopsticks found themselves abandoned on the asphalt, marked by traces of the vibrant spectacle.


Copstick Transform.

Infographic by Novian

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