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Contemplating Life’s Choices

Updated: Jun 22

Sacrifices and Innocence

Today was an unremarkable day for me. I reluctantly drank a glass of unpleasant-tasting milk and settled for a couple of bread slices for breakfast. As I sifted through the chaotic music folders on my computer, I stumbled upon the elusive song I had been searching for – Devendra Banhart’s “Won’t You Come Home.” Finally, the long hunt was over.

While browsing through my Facebook news feed, I delved into the blogs of a talented friend who happens to be a writer of several novels. Though I had every intention of reading his work, I had yet to find the time. He recently shared a post about his emotional reaction to The Cure’s “A Few Hours After This,” confessing on Facebook, “And, like, I’m sure it isn’t as good as you think it will be, but it’s been etched in my memory. Every second of it encapsulates a time I hold dear, more vivid than anything that will ever happen again. And now, I am overcome with emotion.”

As I scrolled through my Indonesian Facebook news feed, a heated discussion caught my attention – a discourse surrounding the attitude of the Indonesian Parliament (DPR).

Taking a leisurely stroll along a narrow asphalt road, approximately three meters in width, I observed motorcyclists whizzing past me, expertly maneuvering the wide highway. In stark contrast, children joyfully scampered and played, as if they were frolicking in a vast field. This sight sparked contemplation within me – who should yield and make a small sacrifice? Should it be the innocent children, yearning to play with their friends, or the motorcyclists, with their raucous racing exhausts, constantly racing against time?


Free Hand Drawing by Novian. March 2015.

Free Hand Drawing by Novian. March 2015.

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