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Entwined Fate

Updated: Jun 22

The Serpent and the Ancient Tree

The snake suddenly slithered, entwining itself around the ancient, 100-year-old dry tree. Its coils encircled the tree, causing some already fragile twigs to snap and plummet to the ground. The smoke from Merry’s chimney enveloped the fallen twigs, creating a haze that blocked out the sunlight, leaving the day foggy and cold.

The birds, with wings resembling those of eagles, caught sight of a glimmer. Their attention was drawn to the diamond necklace displayed behind Merry’s window. The birds seemed infatuated with the enchanting sparkle emanating from Merry’s prized possession. Meanwhile, a sturdy and resolute wooden bench stood nearby, appearing arrogant in the face of the old tree’s brittle branches, weakened under the constricting grip of the snake. It seemed as if the tree had resigned itself to its fate, succumbing to the snake’s embrace.

As the snake continued its relentless hold on the tree, its serpentine form seemed to merge with the decaying bark. Its sinewy body snaked through the cracks and crevices, tightening its grip with each passing moment. The life force that once coursed through the ancient tree dwindled, as if drained by the suffocating embrace. The snake, an embodiment of nature’s unyielding power, claimed dominion over the weakened tree, asserting its authority over the once-mighty behemoth.

In the distance, Merry gazed out of her window, unaware of the battle unfolding in her backyard. Oblivious to the struggle between nature’s forces, she admired the glinting diamond necklace that had captured the birds’ attention. Little did she know that just beyond her view, a silent struggle raged on—a clash between the relentless grip of the serpent and the surrender of the weary tree.

The scene served as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between life and decay, strength and vulnerability. The serpent’s grip symbolized the inevitability of change and the relentless passage of time, while the tree’s brittle branches represented the fragility of existence. Nature, in all its grandeur and cruelty, displayed its raw power, indifferent to the desires and dreams of humans.

And so, the snake continued its embrace, squeezing the life out of the once-proud tree. As the birds reluctantly turned away from the captivating necklace, they took flight, their wings carrying them to new horizons, leaving behind the scene of nature’s unyielding grip on a world forever in flux.


Graphic & Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

Graphic & Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

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#Trees #art #dream #novianarif #Pearls #bird #Snake #illustration #Diamonds #Necklaces #pearl #meery

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