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Updated: Jun 22

Field Writing vs. Serene Environments

In our discussion about creative work, particularly writing, my friend highlighted the significance of writing as an activity. Writing not only serves as a means to pass the time and engage in productive work but is also regarded as a powerful remedy for relieving stress. He proceeded to share his thoughts on the matter.

Despite his desire to write on the spot, like “Western people do,” my friend lacks confidence in writing directly in the field, such as in a bus or while traveling. His mention of “Western people” led me to conclude that personal writing culture may be more productive in certain environments. Personally, I expressed my opinion that I prefer a quiet and relaxed place to write, such as my room with a laptop or a café with Wi-Fi, as I have yet to attempt writing directly in the field.

My friend continued by expressing his fascination with the idea of writing directly in the field. He believed that it would provide a real-time update to his writing, directly linked to events and still fresh in his mind. This, he claimed, would be different from writing with a time gap.

While I acknowledged the validity of his perspective, I emphasized that writing is a natural form of documentation and should not be forced. It should be a comfortable and relaxed process. If writing directly in the field does not bring about a sense of comfort, I don’t believe it should be obligatory. Ultimately, the choice between comfort and discomfort depends on the individual.

Some individuals find writing directly in the field engaging and rejuvenating, while others prefer a calm and relaxed environment for their writing process. Both approaches have their merits, and the decision ultimately rests on personal preference.

In the end, the comfort and effectiveness of writing methods vary from person to person. What truly matters is discovering a style and environment that allows one to unleash their creativity and derive enjoyment from the process. Whether it involves writing in the field or in a peaceful setting, the objective remains the same—to convey thoughts and emotions through the written word.


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