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Graphic Alchemy

Updated: Jun 22

Transforming Letters into Visual Representations

Hey, let’s explore the intriguing relationship between visuals and language! It’s a concept that makes us ponder how different forms of communication are connected. By combining graphic representations with good ol’ letters, we bridge the gap between what we see and what we say.

Imagine this: we divide the graphic representation of a dog by the outline of its face, then add the letters that spell ‘doggy’ into the mix. What do we end up with? Boom! The letters ‘DOGGY’ magically transform into the outline of a cute doggy face.

But here’s where it gets even cooler. This method opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique typography. Just think about it – you can take other words, divide their graphic representations by relevant outlines, and integrate them with the corresponding letters. It’s like combining art and language to design eye-catching typographic compositions.

This mind-bending experiment not only sparks curiosity but also showcases the power of blending different forms of expression. By exploring this approach, we can unlock our creativity and take typography to a whole new level. It’s an exciting journey that invites us to experiment, innovate, and push the boundaries of visual communication.

So, what are your thoughts on this idea? Can you imagine the stunning typographic designs that could emerge from this method? I’d love to hear your take on it!


graphic design by Novian february, 2015. #doggy, #graphic, #green, #dogbone, #math, #infographic, #guideline, #font, #typography.

graphic design by Novian february, 2015. #doggy, #graphic, #green, #dogbone, #math, #infographic, #guideline, #font, #typography.

#art #novianarif #dog #vectorart #illustration #googy #Typography #infographic

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