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Look, what I‘ve done, these artwork I did when I was in Jogja couple years ago. It first it was just a sketch, with the object which is an image of a man who has trying to save his paramour in the middle of the lake. I’ve made it by mechanical pencil and without color. That time the object was, … … … Oh wait a minute, I need to go to the bathroom. ‘I’ll Be Back’ Arnold’s said.

Here we go, I’m back. Well you know, isn’t seemed like a return of Arnold’s. Anyway I’ve got problem with my stomach. Again and again it still screwed up my wonderful mood. Back to my work topics. Today I wondering and interesting to try what has Ralph Steadman’s done with his artwork style (‘For No Good Reason’ 2012 Film). I put some watercolor to it, and look at this, something happen?, yes it was change!. I‘ve got a new catchy image from it. And again I put some others color as well, something in tune was made. I’ve made a new object. So it was nice, ain’t it?. Now I just need to put the frame to finish it. And the title is ‘HERE I AM’.

Artwork by Novian Watercolor/Freehand Drawing. March 2015.

Artwork by Novian Watercolor/Freehand Drawing. March 2015.

Now here’s the story:

He trying to helping. But his sad for it. Because she’s won’t a help. She didn’t get any longer and passion for a life. “I’m not belong for life anymore’, She said. And than decided to end her life falls and drowning in the lake. The lake known as Melancholy Lake. The man immediately go through the lake and save his paramour walked out of the death lake. She was saved from the death. ‘Here I am my dear’, The man whispered softly, stroking gently through her beautiful hair. At later day she became aware of bad decisions and a coward decisions. Now she realize that she has a great lover. someone who belong to her. someone who trying to understand for each others. Someone who is always there for her And someone who saved her for sure.”

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