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Updated: Jun 22

In 2011, I had the privilege of being introduced to the mesmerizing music of José González, a talented singer-songwriter from Sweden. It was an unforgettable moment facilitated by a friend from Seattle, who shared González’s enchanting melodies through his trusty iPod. The album that captured my heart was “Veneer,” released in 2003.

From the very first notes, González’s music had an immediate and profound impact on me. I found myself immersed in his soulful compositions for an entire week. The delicate yet powerful blend of his acoustic guitar melodies created a captivating experience. It’s no wonder that Marc Hogan of aptly described González’s music as being capable of soothing listeners to sleep, only to leave them with haunting dreams and an unopened bottle of sweet vermouth.

However, my musical journey hit a bump in 2012 when, due to a regrettable human error, the only González album on my PC vanished into thin air. It was a painful loss, as I had treasured the original digital download, meticulously transferred from my beloved MacBook.

Since that unfortunate incident, I have regrettably neglected José González’s musical endeavors. The last encounter I had with his captivating soundscapes was in the evocative soundtrack of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

To my pleasant surprise, today I stumbled upon José González’s awe-inspiring live performances on YouTube. One particular gem caught my attention: “The String Theory – Full Concert – Royal Festival Hall – London January 2017.” The enthralling fusion of orchestral arrangements, folk elements, and González’s musical genius was simply breathtaking. It was a spectacle that should not be missed by any music enthusiast.

In conclusion, I am reminded of a poignant quote from a Pitchfork review that perfectly encapsulates the essence of José González’s artistry.

José González

YouTube Screenshot

… His music, although serene and gentle in its tone, poses profound questions about our place in the world, the dynamics of power, and the importance of leisure. In an era characterized by stridency and self-righteousness, González’s approach to songwriting offers a refreshing perspective.

With a renewed sense of appreciation, I eagerly anticipate diving back into José González’s discography, eager to explore the hidden treasures awaiting me.


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