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Updated: Jun 22

They and them were spellbound, captivated by the scene unfolding before them. Each person spat and reappeared in an instant. Running in pairs, they circled the track within the magnificent stadium. Their gazes locked, harboring numerous questions in their minds.

A resounding voice reverberated from a distant corner of the field, proclaiming, ‘Soaring like eagles in the sky, descending like rain!’ One individual, detached from the group, cast a friendly smile while scrutinizing each participant. Suddenly, they slipped and fell, swiftly regaining their footing. This time, their pace was more deliberate, as if savoring the moment.

Once again, the resonant voice resurfaced, resonating from the same corner, ‘Remember, the rain falls to heal your wounds. Run and keep running!’ They pressed on until exhaustion seized them, shouting, ‘Run, let’s keep running!’ As they lagged behind, they persevered until reaching the finish line, and he approached the looming hill.

As they neared the foot of the hill, a surge of determination coursed through their veins. The uphill battle beckoned, challenging their resolve. With each step, they embraced the strain, their breaths intertwining with the rhythm of their pounding hearts. The incline seemed insurmountable, but their spirits remained unwavering.

Together, they forged ahead, their collective energy fueling their ascent. Encouraging words echoed through the air, motivating them to persevere. The summit, shrouded in mist, held the promise of triumph and accomplishment. With gritted teeth and a renewed sense of purpose, they surged forward, conquering the final stretch.

At last, they stood atop the hill, their chests heaving with exertion and pride. Sweaty brows were wiped, and triumphant smiles spread across their faces. The journey, fraught with challenges and uncertainties, had culminated in a moment of pure euphoria. United by their shared experience, they reveled in the camaraderie forged on the track and the strength discovered within themselves.


Novian Arif

Photo and design by Novian Arif

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