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I “LIKE” GREEN TEA (by Novian)

Enjoy at morning with this hot green tea, which is served after you wake up in the morning, before leaving for work, or you’re activity. These green tea is different from the others, because in the cast of a different kettle of common. The blue kettle always familiar in the eyes when you open a notice on your smartphone notice a like from a friend or you’re colleague, notice that begins with the red color, and continues with the thumb held up pointing upward. Facebook social media is almost all over the world use it. Yes you’re right, blue the familiar blue. With thumbs upward signify for joy, support, or it could be a sign of a lazy person to comment on your posts. Cheers.

Graphic Design by Novian. February 2015

Graphic Design by Novian. February 2015

#joys, #buttonlike, #graphic, #novian, #green, #tea, #hot, #blue, #kettel.

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