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Journey of Shadows and Light

Updated: Jun 22

Kobe’s Campus Quest

Kobe woke up early in the morning, ready to head to the campus. As luck would have it, his brother-in-law was also leaving at the same time, which was a rare occurrence. “Okay, let’s just go together,” his brother-in-law suggested. Kobe agreed, grateful for the company. They hopped on the motorcycle, moving at a moderate speed, and Kobe adjusted his position on the seat a few times as they navigated the streets.

Arriving at the campus, Kobe immediately made his way to the announcement board, searching for any important notices regarding exams or schedules. Around him, fellow students sat and chatted, their fresh high school faces reminding him of the time that had passed since he last came here. Feeling a bit out of place, Kobe spotted a friend and signaled for a coffee. However, he hesitated due to his recent stomach issues. “Bro, I left my money at the dorm. Can you cover me?” his friend requested. Kobe agreed and offered to pay.

During their conversation over coffee, Kobe’s friend shared his newfound interest in photography. Though Kobe didn’t have a deep understanding of the technical aspects, he showed his support and engaged in a discussion. As they talked, the topic shifted to their shared passion for rap, R&B, and hip-hop music. Kobe mentioned a Kanye West song, “Dark Fantasy,” appreciating the video’s creative concept. His friend, on the other hand, simply liked Kanye because of his wealth.

After their coffee break, the campus appeared empty, prompting Kobe to visit another friend’s rented house. There, he reunited with an old friend whom he rarely saw. They engaged in small talk, sharing laughter and discussing music, including the underground scene and their favorite idols. Kobe’s friend mentioned a recent performance in the area where Kobe lived, where his band had the opportunity to open for a well-known underground group.

In the midst of their conversation, another friend offered Kobe a new shirt for purchase. Captivated by a watercolor illustration featuring a surfing theme, Kobe expressed his interest, even though he had never surfed before. They quickly agreed on the purchase, scheduling it for the upcoming week. Kobe’s friend also inquired about a jacket from before, but Kobe mentioned being hesitant due to recent persuasive sales pitches. He admired his friend’s self-sufficiency, which Kobe himself was still working towards.

Later, Kobe found himself browsing through movies on a friend’s laptop. Intrigued by some of the titles, he decided to copy a few onto his memory card. Engaging in casual conversation, Kobe bid farewell to his friend and headed home with 3,000 rupiahs in his pocket. Hoping it would cover his motorcycle taxi fare, he transferred the movies to his PC, eager to enjoy them in the comfort of his own room.


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