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The snake was moving suddenly. The dry tree which 100 years old it was subjected by the serpent. The dry tree circled full by a serpent. So some already fragile twigs broken and fell to the ground. The smoke from the chimney Merry’s house wrap twigs. No sunlight today, foggy and cold.

The Birds which have wings seem like the eagle wings saw the sparkle. Diamond necklace which is located behind the window into the target. The bird looks like infatuated with charm sparkle from Merry’s diamond necklace. The bench is made of wood was still standing upright. As arrogant stand before the fate of the old tree with several branches brittle. It looks like the tree was resigned by the snake hug.

Graphic & Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

Graphic & Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

Merry’s asleep on dreaming associated love with the prince from other’s country. While the serpent lurking blood. The bird winged eagle perched in the window. Jewel in sight !

#bird, #snake, #window, #tree, #house, #merry’s, #dream, #princes, #chair, #blood, #diamond, #novian.

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