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Updated: Jun 22

A : Tell me a little bit of your story, fella?

B : Well, let’s see…

B : First of all, today is my dog’s birthday…

A : Nice! Happy Birthday!

B : His name is M.J., you know, short for my name + Junior.

A : Ah, I see. Happy Birthday, M.J.

B : Thanks.

B : I’ve been in this town for about a year…

A : Which town?

B : This town, right here.

A : Ah, I see. A year, huh?

B : Yes, a relatively short time. I’ve experienced a lot during this period—fun times, difficult moments, awkward situations, strange memories, and some nice experiences.

A : Interesting. Please continue.

B : Being in this town has opened my eyes and had a   profound impact on me…

A : Do you mean it had a significant effect?

B : Exactly. It has broadened my vision, changed my interpretations, and helped me break free from melancholy.

A : I see. Can you elaborate?

B : We’ve grown up, moved on from unnecessary drama.

B : Challenges have become tougher, and this is just the beginning of my story.

A : I understand.

B : They say, “Things can always get worse.”

A : That’s true. But sometimes, they could be wrong too.

Illustrated by Novian Arif 017

Illustrated by Novian Arif 2. 2017

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#art #Conversation #novianarif #Birthdays #dog #illustration

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