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My old friend tell me his dreams story. … … … He said: ‘Last night I gets a strange dreams. it’s about me and her. In that dream, we were married, we were go to my parent house. The sweet thing is, we’ve already got adorable male baby, along with his mohawk haircut.

Drawing free hand by Novian. March 2015.

Drawing free hand by Novian. March 2015.

We were fun together we’re laughing, and enjoying at the time. My family enjoying that time too, I can see, she’s related well with my family. But then something sadly comes. When we’re both walked to the shop, for buy something. The hurt moment is, when I realise that I didn’t making love with my wife yet. So you know, I’d asking her. ‘Tell me who’s the father?’ … … In that time I’m really sad, angry than that both stuff becomes how much I love her. Meanwhile and people around the market look at us attentively. In the end of the story, I decide to break with my wife for a couple months or more. Because I don’t know yet. I need a time for this. When exactly I got these thing. Until I can accept it with sincere and gracefully. Maybe, we’ve both don’t know yet.’.

Baby, Mohawk, Dreams, Strange, Family, Father, Friend, Wife, Adorable, Novian.

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