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Perspectives in Conflict

Updated: Jun 22

Ontal and Tikal

Ontal and Tikal possess distinctive perspectives that frequently appear to be in conflict with one another. Ontal firmly believes that both viewpoints hold validity, and they confidently defend their decisions. Amidst a heated argument, Ontal boldly declared, “There are no absolutes for me, unlike what you observed in your assessment.” Onal swiftly responded, “At least I am not burdened by doubt or inflexible opinions like you.”

For Ontal, movement embodies progress, while Tikal associates movement with the impact of external forces. The line demarcating these two concepts becomes hazy as the relative nature of their viewpoints erases any notion of absolute truth or validity. In response, Onal eloquently stated, “What truly moves is the mind.”

The dynamic exchange between Ontal and Tikal serves as a poignant illustration of the intricate nature of human perspectives and the subjective essence of truth. Each individual’s viewpoint is influenced by their personal experiences, beliefs, and biases, leading to contrasting interpretations of the same reality. Ontal adopts an unwavering stance, placing value on personal conviction, while Tikal recognizes the perpetual flux of existence and the role played by external factors.

This clash between their perspectives acts as a potent reminder that absolute truths elude us, and our understanding of the world is molded by our unique vantage points. It urges us to embrace the rich tapestry of ideas and engage in respectful dialogue, for it is through such interactions that we can expand our horizons and gain profound insight into the complexities of life.

Ultimately, Onal’s declaration that “what truly moves is the mind” underscores the profound influence of perception in shaping our realities. It serves as a reminder that our thoughts and interpretations carry immense significance in how we navigate the world around us. By acknowledging the subjectivity of truth and embracing the fluidity of perspectives, we can cultivate an empathetic and open-minded approach, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating personal growth along our journeys.


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Design Graphic by Novian. February 2015.

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