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Resurrected Gems

Updated: Jun 22

Unveiling the Artistic Process of the Past

Upon reviewing my Facebook profile, I was compelled to delve into the timeline of 2009-2010, leading me to a captivating relic on Flickr—an album titled ‘corat-coret (doodles).’ Revisiting these preserved illustrations, even though the original masterpieces have long vanished, offered a glimpse into my early artistic process, which starkly contrasted with my current style. The profound value of this developmental journey, encompassing color, line work, freehand techniques, and conceptualization, became evident, prompting me to embark on a reevaluation of these formative works.

During that initial period, I fearlessly experimented with CorelDraw software, amalgamating it with the photo editing tools available at the time. Each piece was meticulously crafted through the rawness of freehand drawing, followed by the meticulous process of scanning and final editing on the computer. My intention was to visually narrate ‘events,’ interweaving personal experiences and reflecting the maturation of my ideas. Moreover, these illustrations served as a means to address prevailing social issues. It is crucial to note that some of these early works were purposefully designed for t-shirts, expanding their reach and impact beyond traditional mediums, and becoming scattered fragments within my evolving artistic collection.

It is my earnest hope that these revisited pieces will be embraced, sought after, and potentially brought to life through prints or exhibitions. By sharing the evolution of my artistic journey and the themes I explored, I aim to foster a deeper connection with viewers and spark meaningful dialogues. Ultimately, this reflection on the past will illuminate the path forward, shaping my future artistic endeavors.



baubau minang
bloody girl
minang yes im
musinyo urang awak
rakik kacang2
tuak 100%

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