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Reviving Artistic Relics

Updated: Jun 22

Breathing New Life into Forgotten Illustrations

Upon conducting a recheck of my Facebook profile and reviewing the timeline from 2009-2010, I made an exciting discovery—a collection of old illustrations on Flickr under the account name ‘Novian Ripkurt’. Despite the passage of time, these illustrations remained accessible, serving as a fossilized record of my artistic journey. Although the original master freehand works have long been lost, the scanned versions have persevered, preserving a glimpse into my early creative process.

As I delved into these illustrations, I recognized that they were created during a period of trial and error, representing my exploration and experimentation. Utilizing graphic software such as CorelDraw and combining it with general photo editing software available at that time, I painstakingly crafted each illustration by hand before scanning them for final editing on the computer.

Reflecting on these past creations, I contemplated how to give them renewed relevance in the present day. An idea sparked within me—to repurpose them as designs for skateboard decks. Curiosity piqued, I embarked on this endeavor, and the visual outcome surpassed my expectations. The transformed illustrations served as a visual narrative, encapsulating personal experiences and the developmental journey of my ideas, while also touching on the social issues prevalent during that period. Additionally, some of the illustrations lent themselves well to be adapted as designs for t-shirts.

I invite you to immerse yourself in these illustrations, to experience the essence of their creation and to appreciate the evolution of my artistic expression.



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