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Last night July 27, 2021 at 1.00 am, as usual, before going to bed, I opened the Apple music app, listening to the song for a while before sleep. This time my moods are in my teens era when I was so naive, feeling the puppy love era. I listen to local bands to the west as long as I get a moment to listen to the songs. And out of nothing I remember an Australian rock band "Jet" in their 2006 album "Shine On". I type the name of the band and look for the album, and from the first track the memories come in clearly and fresh out of the gate!

I realised that I needed to write the story, do I have to? For the sake of the history of life, Yes, I have to. And it's too sweet to forget, I guess. So the story begins when I was 19 years old at that time in the 2006/2007 senior High School moment when rock and roll was your philosophy of life. At that time Nirvana (a band from Seattle) was one of my most heavy and rock and Roll bands in my head. And, yup, it's such teenage things of me and a bunch of my friends.

At the time of finishing the exams for my senior high school, I need to go to the other town. The place is pretty far from the town, it takes 3 and half hours from my town. So we need to rent a bus, we start in the morning around 6 o'clock and are ready to go downtown to start the trip. We stayed in the city for 3-4 days (if I'm not mistaken), I plan to stay overnight at my teacher's house for 3 days. The other students stayed at their respective relatives' places or friends. But it ended up that I only stayed one night at my teacher's house, the rest at my friends campus dorm.

On Day one I went to hang out with friends at their campus, one of the most famous campuses in the city. I'd meet new people, and one of them (surprisingly from my town) was the person who introduced me to this album "Shine On" by Jet. He said "I knew that you liked Nirvana, try to listen to this album, I think you're going to like it". I'm not sure if it's from a cassette or an mp3 from a laptop, but 70% I'm sure it's from a cassette, and I listened to it from my big old walk-man tape.

Right of the gate! After listening to the album, I got the "Zing" (Transylvania movie reference). Wow, they've got the Rock and the Roll mixed well together. It reminds me of The Beatles, but it's from Australia. "They’ve simply made another joyfully old-fashioned rock’n’roll album immersed in the classics" Reviews said. By the way, after I searched on Google about this album review, I'm surprised they got a lot of negative feedbacks! So, even Pitchfork gave them 0.0 on their review.

"There’s much ‘Rubber Soul’-era Beatles, The Everly Brothers on ‘Eleanor’ and, most of all, a massive shadow of Oasis. Indeed, at times it feels like a nod to Oasis doing The Beatles, with the rock’n’roll spirit of the Gallaghers so apparent that if you closed your eyes, you’d be convinced it was actually them." ~ Paul McNamee, NME Review

"AllMusic Review" by Tim Sendra, Review by SlantMagazine Prston Jones, and Alexis Petridis from Guardian.

Before this album, I knew them for a long time, by their hit single on M TV video clip "Look what you've done" song, and that's it. Now I got the opportunity to listen to their second album, at that time 19 years old me with youth blood and rock and rollism it's burn!, and especially you've got the right moment from it. What the moment? Here's the stories...

At that time I just met one of the students from my town who went together, we both came from the same city. She was kind and warm, helped me to finish the exam well. Coincidentally, we took the exam in the same classroom. We've clicked and laughed and had some fun, we enjoy walking together. And at the end of the day, I confess my love to her. She accepted my declaration of love, and in that moment my energy was mixed with happy and blessed feelings.

The feelings that I got from the day are mixed with all songs on that album. When I went to sleep at night, I listened to this album on my big old walk-man, and it punched. From the rock mixed with my nerves for the exams to finish the task and from the roll mixed with the ballad from me and her. What a day, change from a fast tempo to a ballad track, and that's rock and roll.

That's why this album meant so much to me at that time, until now the stories and moments are still imprinted on me. It can be said that this album is one of the albums that accompanied the sweet period at the late of my teens, period! I say thank you to the friend who introduced this album at that moment in my youth and naive life. Everybody had a story to tell or write, and this is one of the stories from me. A story of my puppy love?...

Shine On Jet 2006

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