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Walk back to the new home. The semi-minimalist design with wood concept. What a comfortable home. the air inside the house aren’t heat, because it is made with wood. Spacious family room. There are composed of four rooms are quite spacious. Houses in sorrel colour. Or more precisely the color red brown’s horse. And than Joe’s arrived home and walked to the back door of his new home.

‘Here we are, that Joe has come’ welcome Joe’s Mom. Turns house guest arrival. Joe’s is not focus the presence of guests. A cursory look a little surprised that the guests who come are two old friends who have long time haven’t met. Both are friends is he childhood friends. And both also playmates their having playing band. The difference is, that one friend his playing the band performed only for their favorite songs. You could say it’s Rock N Roll time for that time. While the other his friend is a friend to play the band just to get a champion. They play skills and become more popular. And Joe and his friend could get race #2 champion trophy band festival that time. Although not get a #1 champion, but it was enough for Joe. The Cup was enough to prove to his parents that his sincerity in music. For his efforts in often out at night, and have snacks for band practice. Until now the trophy was still hanging in guests room. ‘Hey, long time no see. How are you friends? ‘. Friends of resuscitation. Joe awkwardly shook hands with his old friend. Because he’s got a little guilty not focus for them at first time met on his new house. ‘Please enjoy a meal and suppose like being home alone’. Said Joe invite friends. And they returned along with their memories as a child and playing band.

The house was empty. Joe see there is a new music player electronic stuff at home. Sound was good with two large sized speakers. Joe first impression when he saw this new stuff is advanced, classic and certainly expensive. ‘Mom, this new, when did you purchasing it?’. Asked Joe to his mother who happened appeared. ‘Oh, it was a gift from a friend in Aussie. How’s it good isn’t?’. Mom said. Joe straight walk took his bag. ‘Here mom, I have some you’re favorite music to play.’ He play the music with the new music player. Mom just smiled listen to the music. She walked toward the kitchen.

only for illustration.

only for illustration.

Joe was in the front room. Precisely the left side of the house there is a special room with pack of books. He come into view every corner of the room. The new room for him, he felt the atmophir of this room. The room’s designed with classic interiors. On the shelves of the bookcase. He saw the tape classic player along with amplifier. He go through to the tape player and check whether it can be used. He smiles happy, The player tape it still works well and the sound is still good with the quality of the tape amplifier. ‘Mom, this room, will be my room, huh?’. He directly interested to make this room as a his bedroom. ‘Ask Dad first, he said he also wanted to use this space’. His Mom gave advice. He impatient to await asking his stepfather about this room.

only for illustration.

only for illustration.

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