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The Delete Key

Updated: Jun 22

Liberating the Mind

Have you ever wished for a delete key in your mind? A way to release and discard those relentless thoughts that weigh you down? The words of Sally from the movie ‘The Art of Getting By’ resonated deeply with me, echoing in my mind throughout my life until now. If only I could find a way to let go of these futile musings, to make them disappear and alleviate the burden that they impose. This writing, aptly titled, holds the promise of offering some solace.

Today marks a significant moment as I finally update my writing on this network platform. It feels like a step towards freeing myself from the shackles of repetitive routines that have consumed this semester. They’ve led me to retreat, to seek refuge in sleep, and to grow skeptical of the world around me. I find myself yearning to evade reality, although the answer to the question ‘why?’ rests deep within me. Yet, as a writer, I find solace in the simple phrase ‘I don’t know why,’ a common practice of expressing uncertainty.

Amidst this longing for release, I stumbled upon two captivating American movies over the past weeks. The first, ‘Life of Pi,’ caught my attention with its compelling execution of ideas and the director’s masterful interpretation through scenes and effects. It exemplifies the brilliance often found in films that originate from ‘outside.’

The second movie, ‘The Art of Getting By,’ continues to captivate me despite repeated viewings. Its enduring charm lies in its ability to resonate with my soul, even after multiple encounters. Recently, it inspired me to seek out the accompanying music from the film—an auditory delight that further amplifies its impact. ‘Good,’ I proclaim, as I immerse myself in its melodies, unbothered by the reasons behind my enjoyment.

Within the confines of this writing, I embark on a journey to unload and discard these futile musings, yearning for liberation. The act of updating my work and seeking solace in the realm of movies offers a temporary respite from the monotonous rhythms of my semester. As I tread through the familiar territory of uncertainty, I find solace in the power of expression and the promise of finding clarity through self-reflection.



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