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The Enigmatic Door

Updated: Jun 22

A Temptation That Beckons

As the stranger drew nearer, Jemmy’s attention was immediately captivated by the enigmatic object they held—a door, seemingly steeped in mystic power. Its form bore a striking resemblance to the legendary “anywhere door” from the beloved cartoon series, Doraemon. Yet, Jemmy recognized an ineffable quality, setting it apart from any other door ever encountered. Astutely attuned to Jemmy’s thoughts, the stranger sought to shed light on its singular nature.

“When your fingers make contact with the door’s algae-covered surface, a surge of magnetic force will envelop your body, testing your ability to maintain balance. Stepping through will unleash an irresistible allure, fragmenting your inner strength, and rendering resistance utterly futile. You will willingly surrender to its enchantment, embarking on an extraordinary odyssey—a new world, a life solely your own,” the stranger declared with unwavering confidence.

Jemmy listened intently, their mind enveloped by the compelling words of the stranger, allowing the allure of the magical object to seep into their very being. As their thoughts meandered, a recollection stirred within Jemmy—an evocative quote from the audacious American author, Hunter S. Thompson: “Marijuana has always held a profound place in my heart. It has been a source of joy and solace, an indispensable facet of life akin to beer, ice, grapefruits, and the sentiment echoed by countless Americans.” Contemplating the potential delights concealed beyond the enigmatic door, Jemmy couldn’t help but ponder whether its allure resonated with the intoxicating pleasures of their own indulgences.

The stranger, emanating an air of unyielding certainty, sensed Jemmy’s burgeoning curiosity and posed the question, “Are you eager to embark on this endeavor?” In that moment, Jemmy’s imagination awakened from its slumber, filled with a fervent yearning kindled by the stranger’s words.


THIS IS NOT DORAEMON'S DOOR. Graphic Design/Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

THIS IS NOT DORAEMON’S DOOR. Graphic Design/Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

#door, #doraemon, #magic, #novian, #pleasure, #happness, #hunter, #confort, #joys.

#art #door #doraemon #novianarif #doors #illustration #thedoors

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