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Among the many rooms and room models, of course, each one has an aura that represents the occupant, hasn’t right? Well, it’s no different from my room, a small room that was very or could be said enough to be occupied when I was in college. There are books, reading comics, leftist, right, philosophy, politics and history, all arranged on the floor of this small room. Yup! Not forgetting a few bottles of beer. 

Poster accessories, to college assignment sheets, and a bunch of my artworks are very common among young people of the same age as college, let alone studying art majors. It can be seen easily in the photo of this room who is and what direction the occupants of the room are. I’d take the photos with my friend’s iPhone 4 cell phone, using camera accessories with a fisheye effect, which was a trend at that time.

Year 2011 November 30th which is listed in the photo info, on my computer.

The Room I By Novian Arif 2011

The Room II By Novian Arif 2011

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