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Updated: Jun 22

Within the vast array of rooms and their diverse designs, each one carries a unique aura that reflects its occupant, wouldn’t you agree? Well, my room is no exception. It may be small, but it was just enough to accommodate me during my college years. The floor of this cozy space was adorned with books, ranging from comics to works on leftist ideologies, philosophy, politics, and history. And of course, there were a few bottles of beer, adding to the ambiance.

In this room, you would also find an assortment of posters, college assignment sheets, and a collection of my own artworks. Such items were common among fellow young individuals, especially those studying art. The photo of my room effortlessly captures the essence of its inhabitant and the direction I was taking at that time in my life. It was taken using a friend’s iPhone 4, equipped with a camera accessory that created a trendy fisheye effect, popular during that era.

The photo bears the date November 30th, 2011, as recorded in the photo information on my computer. It serves as a nostalgic glimpse into a specific moment in time, evoking memories of that chapter of my life.

The Room I By Novian Arif 2011

The Room II By Novian Arif 2011

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