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The stranger offers a magical object that looks like a door. Jemmy remembered door called ‘anywhere door’ in the cartoon series called Doraemon. ‘It does look a bit like a Doraemon’s door. But it is not, this is different than others door.’ The stranger try to convinced. He seemed to know what was Jemmy’s thingking. ‘When your fingers touch the algae’s door. Your body is like has a magnetic field strength drawn terrible. So you’re pretty hard to stand in balance. When you step inside a magnetic attraction seemed to divide the power to you and now you can no longer survive. You will be happily decided to go inside. In it you will have a new world, a new life. And it’s all yours. ‘

Jemmy faithful to hear and digest well every sentence conveyed the stranger. As promotion magical objects of the stranger managed to penetrate into the Jemmy mind. Jemmy was remembered a quote from one of rebel American authors. The legend Hunter S. Thompson’s said ‘I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and confort to me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with beer and ice and grapfruits and millions of Americans agree with me.’. And about this door magic, probably have the same joys as Hunter’s joys along with his addicted stuff?. ‘You’ll want to immediately try it, won’t you?’, Replied the stranger with a confident attitude. Immediately awaken Jemmy’s reverie.

THIS IS NOT DORAEMON'S DOOR. Graphic Design/Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

THIS IS NOT DORAEMON’S DOOR. Graphic Design/Illustration by Novian. March 2015.

#door, #doraemon, #magic, #novian, #pleasure, #happness, #hunter, #confort, #joys.

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