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When Your Stomach Speaks

Updated: Jun 22

Seeking Answers to Digestive Woes

For the past three weeks, I’ve been experiencing persistent discomfort in my stomach during my daily activities. Initially, I dismissed these symptoms as temporary and expected them to subside quickly. However, they persisted, leaving me concerned and eager to find answers. Some friends suggested that it could be related to my diet, while others attributed it to irregular eating patterns. That night, my discomfort intensified, leading me to make multiple trips to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly was wrong with my stomach.

Determined to seek help, the next day I decided to visit a pharmacy. Fortunately, the person behind the counter was not only a pharmacist but also a doctor, offering me the opportunity to consult directly about my symptoms. I explained, “Doctor, for the past three weeks, I’ve been experiencing bloating, a persistent urge to have a bowel movement, and frequent burping.” The doctor promptly responded, “Ah, those are classic symptoms of acid reflux. The trapped air in your stomach struggles to escape, resulting in burping and the constant urge to use the restroom.”

While I appreciated the doctor’s diagnosis, I couldn’t help but question whether acid reflux was the sole cause or if there might be other underlying factors. I wanted to ensure I received the appropriate treatment, as different conditions require specific approaches. Curiosity sparked within me, and I inquired further, “Doctor, what could be the underlying cause of acid reflux?” To my surprise, the doctor confidently replied, without referring to any notes, “It is often caused by consuming highly acidic foods such as instant noodles, dumplings, excessive chili, irregular eating patterns, alcohol consumption, smoking, and stress.” I nodded, acknowledging the doctor’s response.

As I pondered the doctor’s words, it struck me that some of the mentioned factors aligned with my daily routine. Moments of silence passed as I deeply reflected on this information. Sensing my contemplation, the doctor interrupted, asking, “How would you like to proceed with purchasing the medication?” It was clear that the doctor was accustomed to such situations, swiftly discerning whether I intended to make a purchase or was solely seeking advice. If I wasn’t planning to buy the medication, it implied our question-and-answer session had come to an end. Fleeting thoughts crossed my mind, wondering if the doctor disliked wasting time with casual inquiries or if they had personal matters to attend to.

Realizing the gravity of my situation, I assured the doctor, “Please, I would like to purchase the medication. I am determined to recover from this condition.” Instantly, the doctor’s demeanor changed, displaying enthusiasm as they retrieved the prescribed medicine.

With a renewed sense of hope and determination, I left the pharmacy armed with the prescribed medication. The journey towards healing had begun, and I was ready to take the necessary steps to overcome my digestive woes.



Graphic Design by Novian. Maret 2015.

Graphic Design by Novian. Maret 2015.

#gastricacid, #stomach, #designgraphic, #sunflower, #triangle, #belt, #novian, #youthlagoon.

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