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"Sarueh Baca Buku" is an upgrading program for Sarueh group, but Sarueh also invites anyone who wants to take part in reading a book with the Sarueh. Future plans, one of the objectives of this program, an effort to increase public interest in reading.

This program is done twice a week and 2 hours a day: Wednesday, Thursday, 8:00 p.m. (schedule can change according to development). Within a day of a book that is read as much as one chapter. The technique that is applied every one person will read aloud (not shout) as much as three pages and be done alternately.

All Sarueh's book collections can be read for free by anyone in the Sarueh living room. Sarueh also accepts anyone who wants to donate his book. "Sarueh Baca Buku" will be very grateful and keep the book as well as possible. And one book will be very valuable to Sarueh.

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